To Know Us Is To Know Mezcal

We never want to define ourselves in a way that puts us in a corner, ever-evolving and free to experiment with our food. If there’s one area of our restaurant where we would say is akin to our vagabond soul it would be with Mexcal. Unlike tequila, Mezcal has is be made 100% from Agave. It’s considered to be a ‘mestizo’ (man of mixed race) beverage. When the Spanish brought their knowledge of distillation, they discovered that pulque distilled produced a sweeter beverage and Mezcal was born. Traditional Mezcal is produced in small, artisanal batches. We travel to Mexico to bring you special finds, serving it neat in jicaras or xicalli in Nahuatl which have been used for thousands of years in Mexico.

Es Una Devoción

Our respect for Mezcal is akin to the respect you have for ‘Padrinos.’ Mezcal is Rojo Gusano’s godfather in many ways, showing us the way by its’ history. It embraces its hybrid history and creating its own identity with unmistakable Mexican flavor and unexpected variety and depth. Served traditionally, our collection of Mezcal is meant to be savored and sipped, brought to you from best and most innovative distilleries in Mexico. Our cocktails seek to honor that spirit, we insist on showcasing the Mezcal in each creation all the while transforming the nature of each with flavors that have inspired us from all over the world.

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