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The Story


Albany Park is located on the Northwest side of the City of Chicago. This neighborhood is known as one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the entire United States. It is part of the 60625 zip code where statistics showed that up to 40 different languages are spoken in its public schools.

This diversity is what the Moreno family and Chef Dudley Nieto were looking for to create a perfectly coherent location that will allow them to offer the ultimate space where there is “food with no borders” or set nationalities, aspiring to be a place where their friends (because Rojo Gusano doesn't have clients, they have friends) will make it their own and enjoy every time they will visit.

The Moreno’s also a foreign-born family from Atizapán de Zaragoza, México; an awesome town rich in culinary culture and traditions that date back to the 1800s, including their grandfather! A pioneer of the pulque industry. With recipes and ideas in hand brought from their native place, they purchased a restaurant that needed some revamping and a new concept to properly served the residents of the Albany Park area and neighboring towns.

After they consulted with Chef Nieto (a renowned food creator with a proven record and experience) to modernize their existing menu. Both sides exchanged concepts, stories and were willing to explore new ideas, Rojo Gusano started forming and taking shape into a cool place where people could come in hang out, listen to distinctive and unique music, enjoy amazing food and drinks - all while maintaining the authenticity that comes from loving what they do.

With several hours of brainstorming, back and forth, the concept of Rojo Gusano was born. Months of hard work followed to developed the ideas as the Moreno family and Chef Nieto continued to renovate the restaurant and draft their initial menu, few more hours of suggestions and reinforcement of the Moreno’s vision, the “ Globally inspired menu with an eclectic and unique flavor for a global clientele was created”

The Restaurant décor is a tribute to their favorite places: the sunny beaches and urban areas. Every photo and decorative items were chosen to best represent the vibes and ideas of each region. Rojo Gusano pays tribute to the culture of non-conformist; outcasts that shake it, surf and move every day in order to make their lives something meaningful and doing it with passion, always leaving their print.

After months of working long days and nights, Rojo Gusano was finally ready to be revealed to Chicago on Saturday, December 5th, 2015. A special day that always will be remembered!

Our motto is simple: Life is like a road trip: “Enjoy each day and don't carry too much baggage” Rojo Gusano started as an idea between Chef Dudley Nieto and the Moreno’s to come together as a family and enjoy life's greatest pleasures: delicious food and great company, creating a place surrounded by tequilas, bourbons, mezcals, a fusion of ingredients, spices and flavors. Welcome to the land of punks and poets!




Rojo Gusano is the newest hip place in Chicago, we are growing in a fast pace and people are honoring us with their presence and selection every day (thanks so much for that) Our locations are filling up promptly as our specials, food and drinks are changing the landscape of traditional Mexican Cuisine, Latin and global Fusion.

We encourage you to make a reservation to save your spot and have your table ready at your arrival that way all you will do is: Choose the location, enjoy, relax and have fun with your guests! We will make sure it will be that way!

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What is the best complement to your special event? A special place to create unforgettable moments! Rojo Gusano, chef Dudley Nieto and their staff want to celebrate those special moments in our location in Ravenswood.

Our experienced team will make sure that your event will be singular in every aspect, tailor-made to offer you a commemoration that will always be remembered. From the moment that you arrived at our location, it will make you feel that it is the place that you were looking for your celebration.

Every type of event is welcome in Rojo Gusano Ravenswood. We had some incredible weddings, full of fun bachelor parties, parents and families proudly celebrating their new graduates, cotillions full of joy and satisfied employees enjoying corporate parties.

With a capacity for 100 people in this spacious tastefully decorated with the perfect installations for your event, parking, complete kitchen, bar, dancing floor to enjoy your party. Conveniently located near Irving park road, Ashland ave and 30 minutes from O’Hare airport.

Rojo Gsano Ravenswood understands that every experience is individual and does not have to cost you a fortune to make it unforgettable. Our expert coordinators will present you the best options, plans, and ideas for your next event. You can make an appointment to visit our location, to respond to any questions, for more information and to reserve the date for your event contact us:

Phone: 773.360.7687
E-mail: info@rojogusano.com


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